Wildman Environmental Learning

Stress management through nature for companies and individuals.


Are your employees stressed and unproductive? How can you help your staff and provide for their wellbeing?

Our nature sensory workshops can show insights into workplace stress management and take home tools for everyday use.

Learn new stress management tools and techniques through nature, get the opportunity and the permission to immerse yourself in nature, by engaging your senses. Happiness, satisfaction, health, wellbeing and resilience are a workshop away.

Good mental health is everyone’s business.

Working nationally, our wildlife gardening lectures (other lectures are also available), tutorials and consultations, plus nature sensory workshops showcasing nature as a pain/stress management tool can help business people, individuals and families to become more connected to nature in their own personal experiences, and the world around them.

Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt uses sensory engagement to nature to manage his own pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions, and hopes to, in collaboration with Oxford University, drive forward the understanding behind what’s going on in the human body that allows him to do this.

He’s also developing a stage show plus an experiential modern art/performance concept which will showcase our work and take it to a new audience in theatres. Plus developing The Peoples Countryside Project.

The Wildman is available to write guest blog’s/articles and is a registered speaker for the Royal Horticultural Society, and fully DBS checked to work with children.

Putting Nature on the airwaves. The Wildman also presents the independent wildlife radio show, ‘Going Wild With Wildlife’, currently available on up to 11 different stations.

Recorded on location all around Britain, with international listeners online, our show is interactive via social media.

With the emphasis on hospital patients, who listen in via hospital radio and appreciate hearing a slice of the countryside as part of their recovery process.