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  • Ross Arrowsmith
    Arrow Productions
  • William Mankelow
    Shot At An Angle
  • "People like Stuart are vital in developing action to create wildlife areas. Nature needs our help and Stuart is doing important work to advise and help people to take practical action to help wildlife."

    Barrie Cooper
    International Education at RSPB, Oct 2013
  • "Big thankyou from us and the team. Felt like you got the mix right to - good connections with nature, using all the senses, good stress/pain management techniques and a good team afternoon out. The ones we've spoken to thoroughly enjoyed it and Donna was even preaching to her family last night about shutting out the noise."

    Paul Mabbutt MD
    Jennings of Garsington Sept 2016
  • "Stuart is passionate about wildlife and wildlife gardening. He communicates his vast knowledge through community outreach, encouraging people to care for wildlife in their back gardens. Don’t forget the insects, Stuart!."

    John Millar FLS
    Habitat Conservation Officer at Amateur Entomologists' Society, Sept 2013
  • "The way Stuart doesn’t settle for things in his own life, and keeps challenging himself, comes across in his workshops. I left afterwards questioning myself and my habitual routines. I now realise how easy it is for us to get stuck in ruts."

    Sarah Burke
    Workshop Participent, July 2016
  • "In delivering gardening advice based around conservation Stuart can help local wildlife conservation – ‘think local and act global’. Well considered wildlife gardening can make a difference."

    Mark Champion. Projects Manager

    at Lancashire Wildlife Trust,

    Sept 2013

  • "Thanks again for Saturday, slept really well after that whole outdoor experience. I’m still applying the learning to everyday things much more I’m finding since."

    Ross Arrowsmith
    Thats Oxfordshire TV and Radio Bicester, May 2016
  • "Stuart’s immense affinity with Mother Nature comes across with great humour in his wildlife gardening lecture. He challenges tradition and social conditioning, preferring to focus on values."

    Simon Webb
    Wildlife Gardener, Sept 2014
  • "Stuart, last weekend I attended your sensory walk at Stratfield Brake. I've walked with you before but never fully immersed myself. As a result I used some of the techniques on my walk to work last week. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the walk more than I ever have, I felt extremely relaxed when I arrived, and was more productive too. Thank you"

    Roy Peach
  • "I have known Stuart for several years, as a mentor when I helped him with his business and in a collaborative capacity when we have run workshops together.

    • During that time I have always known him to be extremely reliable, cooperative, polite, honest, punctual and a pleasure to be around. He works very well as part of a team."

    Barbara Osborne
    Wildlife Gardener, Sept 2014
  • "Stuart’s insights into how to convert the activities in his workshops out in nature, into techniques for stress management at work, are unique in my experience. He gives direct tips too in a forthright way into the psychology behind getting the best out of ourselves. Instead of just getting people to work on their strengths he challenges us to confront our weaknesses too. “If your not good and something, make yourself good at it” one of his quotes that still sticks in my mind even now."

    Sharyn Bradshaw
    Workshop Attendee, May 2016
  • "A week after the nature sensory workshop and still under its spell."

    Maria Xucla Lerma
    Hypnoxford, Feb 2016
  • "Stuart’s humour instantly put me as a newcomer at ease."

    Terry Adams
    Workshop Attendee, June 2016
  • "I first met Stuart Mabbutt when he and his team helped us rejuvenate our back garden in September 2012, and we have remained in regular contact ever since. Stuart is a man with great integrity, humour, and passion for his work. I would recommend him without reservation."

    Janet Lawrence
    Past Gardening Client, July 2016
  • "Stuart’s simple woodland crafts and foraging exercise was a brilliant on the spot addition to the nature sensory workshop. He quickly engaged my young daughter in nature who at the outset didn’t want to be there."

    David Osborne
    Workshop Attendee, Aug 2015
  • "The Wildmans wildlife gardening articles and his wildlife radio show really taps into the wider media to connect people with nature and make it part of their own lives. Without ever meeting him he can inspire us to take control of the stress in our lives and replace it with nature. The fact you can listen to the wildlife show online makes his impact truly global."

    Troy Bartrum
    Radio Show Listener (Greece), Nov 2015
  • "The way Stuart makes his radio show interactive on social media, and by doing his audio blog makes him feel accessible. His honesty about talking about living with long-term illness is refreshing. His aim to do research about the psychological benefits of nature in partnership with Oxford University and to develop a stage show for theatres is a challenge I look forward to following the progress of."

    Alfred Doyle
    Radio Show Listener (Ireland), Dec 2015
  • "I’ve always enjoyed spending time in nature, but living in the city for the past few years has meant that I’ve been around concrete more than the natural world. Therefore I was really interested when I received an invitation from Stuart to take part in one of his nature sensory workshops, and was curious about the way in which the different activities would help me to connect more with the natural world. While I’d experienced something similar to the sensory workshop in meditation exercises, the workshop also incorporated some unique activities. My favourites were learning to recognise bird sounds and then trying to create a visual representation of the sounds. I also loved the activity in which we were blindfolded and instructed to feel the textures of leaves, immediately after looking closely at these textures through a magnifying glass. The workshop made me realise how little time I spend in nature and how important it is to do so. I thought that some of the best advice that Stuart gave were to take silent nature walks and also to be conscious of the way in which nature affects the emotions, perhaps by thinking of one word to encapsulate how you feel every hour. I would be delighted to take part in another workshop or any other activity that Wildman Environmental Learning would offer, and have already recommended to friends and colleagues in the office."

    Vania-Rina Flaccomio
    Workshop Participent, July 2016
  • "Having known Stuart Mabbutt for about 5 years now I can verify that he is reliable, hard-working, capable and doggedly conscientious. He is a pleasure to work with and keeps a cheerful outlook even in adversity. He is a caring and friendly man, very easy to get along with and above all, trustworthy. Stuart offers reliability and honesty."

    Terry Jackson
    Workshop Attendee, July 2016
  • "Stuart’s ‘Gardening By Numbers’ concept is a wonderful way of offering wildlife gardening tutorials in peoples own gardens. I learnt so much over the course of the year and view the world through new eyes."

    Sarah Fisher
    Wildlife Gardener, May 2014