• Putting Nature On The Airwaves

  • Going Wild With Wildlife

    As a wildlife sound recordist, The Wildman presents the independent wildlife radio show, ‘Going Wild With Wildlife’ available on different stations.

    Recorded on location all around Britain with international listeners who listen online, our show is interactive via social media.

    With the emphasis on hospital patients who listen in via hospital radio and appreciate hearing a slice of the countryside as part of their recovery process.

    Our remit is to educate, inspire, relax and make listeners laugh. A new style of natural history show with a variety of suitable music.

  • Listen live (online)

    Radio Cherwell (partners from 2010 to date), Friday 5am to 5.30am. Available online at www.radiocherwell.com.

    Choice Radio Worcester (partners from 2014 to date), 2 shows back to back daily, 5am to 6am, 7 days a week available at. https://choiceradio.org.uk/ 

    Witney Radio (partners from 2015 to date), check their website for timings http://www.witneyradio.co.uk

    Radio Bicester (partners from 2014 to date), please check their website for timings.  Available online at www.radiobicester.co.uk.

    Red Kite Radio (partners from 2017), check their website for timings, https://www.redkiteradio.com or 107.2fm in the Thame area of Oxfordshire

    Merthyr Hospital Radio (partners from 2017), check their website for timings, broadcasts only to The Prince Charles Hospital

    SouthWaves Radio (partners from 2016 to date), Please check their websites for timings.  Available online at www.southwavesradio.co.uk

    Jubilee Hospital Radio (partners from 2016 to date). Saturday 3pm to 3.30pm. Available online at  https://jhr.gg/ 

    Hospital Radio Plymouth (partners from 2016 to date), Tuesday 10pm to 10.30pm and Friday 4pm to 4.30pm Available online at http://www.hospitalradioplymouth.org.uk/ 

    Hospital Radio Hillingdon (partners from 2017), 2 shows back to back Monday to Friday, 4pm to 5pm, available online at http://www.radiohillingdon.com

    NH Sound (partners since 2017), check their website for details http://nhsound.website-radio.com or 1287am in Abergavenny



  • Wildman Highlights CDs

    Wildlife sound recordings & "Going Wild With Wildlife 2013 series"

    The CDs are a great way to capture some of the highlights of our independent wildlife radio show, Going Wild With Wildlife.

  • Soundscapes - Wildlife Sound Recordings