• Discover our Corporate nature sensory workshops for pain, peace and stress management

    Good mental health is everyone's business

  • Who might attend our workshops and why?

    (we can arrange for our corporate workshops to be filmed and as part of the package we can offer support to your designated charity plus partnership opportunities within our wider creative work out in nature)

    Why Attend?

    Technology Is Changing Lives

    The more technology in our lives the more important it is that we allow space for nature in our lives.

    We provide an opportunity to appreciate nature on a much richer level and reveal tools for use in the workplace to manage stress.

    Our aim is to ultimately make your business and staff more productive.

    Creativity, Leadership, Communication

    Our activities challenge the mind and focus on trust within the team, creativity, leadership, co-ordination and communication. All useful tools in an often stressful workplace.

    We offer the space and escape to explore new ideas. Our wider hope is that we not only help with people’s well-being, but to also help the wider environment too.

    There needs to be a shift in mental health, particularly in the workplace. Its already happening. We all need to remember to be kind to ourselves and take time out, and our events help provide the time for that.

    Get in Touch

    If you are looking to give your team a fun day, half day, or short experiential learning session through their senses, both indoors and out, and generate positive, long lasting effects, get in touch. 

    Prices vary depending on venue, timings, content. Contact the Wildman to design your own event direct with him. See terms and conditions.

    Who should attend?

    Enterprises, small businesses, employees and employers

    Our workshops, experiences, walks connecting people with nature through their senses is an interesting way for companies, small businesses, employees and employers to take time out. 

    Workshops provide time to recharge and reassess. To team build, move ideas around and start conversations. Our often unique approach offers a return on investment through experiential learning and increased employee retention by empowering staff to thrive, not just survive.

    Team Activities

    Activities can be indoors and outside and suit clients on all careers levels who want to tap into nature and their environment to bring clarity and creativity into their work and lives. Enjoy nature for what it is, in its true and raw from. 

    Our workshops are designed to get teams talking, sharing and supporting each other. Blindfold meals are a great way we find to explore and share a common experience. Observing and experiencing not naming and catagorising.


    We all need to be better educated on the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, our own and others around us.  

    Managers who have experienced mental health issues have been found to be more confident when dealing with employees who are suffering with similar conditions, offering them greater levels of support. 

    Our nature sensory workshops are designed to get people more aware of how to utilise their core senses in their daily lives you manage and sustain their own wellbeing.

    Start your journey

    Mental health is an ongoing journey for all of us and our hope when clients have their senses opened to the environment around them, they will revisit the insights we share. Start your journey with us at a workshop, as a team or as individuals.


  • What will you do on our workshops?

    Engage all your senses with heightened awareness.

    Explore nature as a pain/stress management tool.

    Discover what sound looks like.

    Use filtering skills.

    Draw sound

    Develop trust building exercises.

    Experience nature through your hands and feet.

    Explore what the seasons smell and feel like.

    Understand basic wildlife by watching and identification.

    Creative mosaic making and woodland crafts.

    Examine emotional responses and connections to the landscape and the environment, in written and picture form and verbally.

    Silent walking.

    Experimental photography, especially with reduced hearing – will that affect what you take photographs of and how you capture images?

    Bird song recognition.

    Blindfold work.

    Meditation and visualisation work.

    PLUS, a free gift to remind you of this experience that you can take home.

  • To Book Please Contact The Wildman

    • Jennings of Garsington, Oxfordshire
    • Marsh Baldon, Oxfordshire
    • Brasenose Wood, Oxfordshire
    • Christchurch Meadow, Oxfordshire
    • Shotover Country Park, Oxfordshire
    • Beacon Festival, Watlington Hill, Oxfordshire
    • Boundary Brook Nature Park, Oxfordshire
    • CS Lewis Nature Reserve, Oxfordshire
    • Turrill Sculpture Garden, Oxfordshire
    • Clue Hill Farm, Buckinghamshire
    • Cedar Mount Academy, Manchester
    • Yarnton Nurseries
    • River Cherwell and Bothy Vineyard
    • Hinksey Park
    • South Park
    • Astons Eyot Nature Reserve, Oxfordshire
    • Evenley Wood Gardens, Northamptonshire
    • The River Thames, Oxfordshire
    • Hopethruhorses, Garsington, Oxfordshire
    • Compton Verney, Warwickshire
    • Earth Trust, Oxfordshire
    • Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire
    • Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust
    • Sunningwell Village Green
    • Sunningwell Primary School
    •  Pembroke College, Oxford
    •  Stratfield Brake, Oxfordshire
    •  Cowley Marsh, Oxfordshire

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Subscribe to "The Wildman" updates and receive a complimentary download of The Wildman's 10 top tips for Employers to help staff manage stress.

"A week after the nature sensory workshop and still under its spell"

Maria Xucla Lerma